“The Brave Education team put together a wonderful, informative session for the Waterloo Region bus drivers that reached the audience with inspiring stories. The overall satisfaction from this professional development session was one of the highest we have ever put on.”

Student Transportation Services of Waterloo RegionKeith Prudham

“This program empowered our employees to be confident in their ability to handle a bully situation. The overwhelmingly positive response from staff was a reminder of how teams can be engaged by the company investing directly in their development beyond the standard monthly training and safety topics.”

Southland TransportationKyle Johston

“The program is handled in a personal and professional manner providing methods to recognize and assist students who may be in a bullying environment whether they are the bully or the victim.  Our bus operators were fully engaged in the session and they were provided with a lot of useful information. Brave is approachable and open to their audience.”

Black Gold Regional SchoolsSue Timmermans

“The way Brave Education delivered their program to our school bus drivers was empowering to say the least! They were taught the tools and skills to effectively recognize when bullying occurs on the bus.”

Switzer Carty TransportationVikki Manning
“Hands down it was one of the best presentations that I have seen in years Carrie was able to share her life experiences when explaining about the differences between bullying and conflict… They inspire others to be the best version of themselves!”
Parkhurst TransportationSherry Parkhurst Barker