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Worksheets, discussions, and strategies to work with your children.

Brave lessons include videos and parent notes that help you discuss important topics around bullying with your children.

Lesson One: Foundations (19 minutes)
Identifying Bullying (6 minutes):

Empower your children to spot bullying by covering what they should be looking for.

Types of Bullying (6 minutes):

Cover how bullies can harm others and make sure your children aware of them.

In The Moment Strategies (7 minutes):

Roleplay conflict with your child and coach them to use their body language and tone of voice to be assertive and stand up for themselves

Lesson Two: The Bystander (12 minutes)
Why Bystanders Don’t Help (5 minutes):

Discuss why your children and their friends might be afraid to help out a friend.

What Bystanders Can Do In The Moment (7 minutes):

Cover practical ways your child can help others that are effective and still keep them safe.

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Brave provides in the moment communication skills.

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